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This is my first time. If u can, give me some pointers.  I would love that


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My dad, is great. He would go out and beyond for us. I love u dad and always


Freedom is something that i have. My escape from you. My mind think, wierdly of u. In the palms  of my hand. I let go. Feel the release of ur power over me. See i can free myself away from u


We’re at the dentist, my little girl had a toothache.  This, guy who is sitting next to us. Said, the dentist broken his tooth jn half last week. Now he back again. That scary, to know that😲😲😲


I think of u, everyday. When, i go to sleep. My heart, wants u. I can’t eat think right. Ur in my dreams. Ur my dreams. Want and lost in u

Staying positive

All, bad things are happening to me. It scary and wierd. Strange phone calls, heavy breathing. A women, calling me. Saying he, mines stay away.

Then, she said his name. No good dreams, worry about my old friend. Last 2 and half wks.  Were horrible,  scary and worry

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